• Guide To Houston Mold Removal Company

When mold grows inside the house, it can cause health problems because it emits chemicals and spores. Health experts say that mold can, at best, have negligible health effects or at worst cause allergies and disease.

Hidden or invisible molds often have a musty or earthy smell but remember that they do not all smell. In these cases, when there is not enough ventilation to extract the moisture it accumulates inside the house. Some molds grow in the presence of high humidity others can appear even if you do not see moisture. 

It damages the materials, which then become stained or discolored. Paper and cardboard break down over time. Mold can also reveal moisture conditions that promote the growth of fungi that cause wood to rot and cause structural damage.

When to call the Houston mold removal company

The services of a specialist are required if there is a lot of mold, the house is very wet, the mold has returned despite several cleanings or a family member suffers from asthma, respiratory or other conditions that appear to be worsening inside the home.

The Houston mold removal company can perform water infiltration detection, air quality analysis, sampling and microbiological analysis. Specialists are certified in thermography. Using the infrared camera, they can detect active mold behind walls even when invisible to the naked eye. A thermographic examination can reveal without destruction the moisture problems responsible for mold.

Wet materials are colder when the water that has infiltrated in the location evaporates. Thus, a wetter place will be very apparent compared to a dry place. After their inspection, experts will propose concrete solutions to help you solve your mold problems. The quality of the air you breathe reflects the quality of your health. 

To treat and get rid of mold, clean the area that has been contaminated. It is recommended to wear protective clothing: long sleeves, rubber gloves, dust mask (against spores) and safety glasses. Sensitive people (babies, elderly people, asthmatics) should leave the house during cleaning. The cleaning will be done with a solution composed of basic water, diluted with bleach (50/50).

Anti-mold paints can limit the re-emergence and development of molds. As a reminder, molds appear on cold, damp areas, usually the ceiling and walls. To counter the appearance of mold, good insulation will be ideal. In addition to stopping mold, you will gain in thermal comfort while achieving energy savings. Get up to 5 quotes from companies near you now. Estimate online free and without commitment.

The house occupies an important place for a large number of families. This is the place where we receive our friends, our family, and where we spend a good part of our time. It is therefore important to preserve this zone of comfort and well-being so that they do not become a constraint for the occupants.